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Ducati Xerox Junior Team Superstock 1000

In the Superstock 1000 class, the Ducati Xerox Junior Team celebrated winning both the constructors and riders titles for the third consecutive year, this time with the young Belgian rider Xavier Simeon on board the Ducati 1198. Of the ten races held, Simeon won five and finished second in five, the best set of results ever recorded in the Superstock 1000 category, and a fitting end to the Ducati Xerox Junior Team's four-year history.

A year ago they relied on the help of an auxiliary module for the racing bike...In 2009 they employed the services of experienced ECU-tuning-expert, Fabrizio Richiardi (the developer of the RexXer).

With his help and the versitilatity of the RexXer they were able to create a perfect set-up for the racing bikes. This was one of the key factors for winning the world championship in 2009 again!

KTM RC8 Superstock Cup

Together with the exhaust manufacturer Quat-D we will support the KTM RC8 Superstock Cup in the year 2010. Quat-D will develop a special Cup-system and we will provide a special map adapted for this system with the RexXer. With this comprehensive package we will mobilize all forces of the already very strong RC8 and look forward to an exciting championship.

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