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ECM Titanium Map-Editor application video

RexXer ECU Tuning

So far the most applied method for adjusting the fuelling map of a bike is the installation of an auxiliary module. With this approach the user must consider the following criteria:

  1. Complex installation at vehicles with lining.
  2. The installation of additional hardware means that there is more possible sources of error.
  3. The auxiliary module is dependent on the signals that the original ECU receives. This causes a timedelay (even if only milliseconds) between the signal receivers and the information received by the auxiliary module (injection nozzles, butterfly valve potentiometer, etc.). Thus 100% optimal mapping is not attainable.
  4. An influencing control on injection timing and Spark Advance in "real time" is not possible.
  5. When increasing the rev limiter by means of an auxiliary module it is not possible to redefine the fuelling, which can lead to fuelling problems and preignition. These parameters are copied from the rev limit of the original map into the inreased range. Therefore the increased rev range is not mapped to attain optimal performance.
  6. There is no possibility to deactivate or modify the parameters of the Lambda probe.
  7. The exhaust-valve control cannot be deactivated.

With the RexXer all of the above issues are solved whilst offering a simple but effectve remapping of the ECU.

Up to now it was not possible to modify the fuelling map on your bike without using a tuning box module. The RexXer now enables you to repgrogramme the stock ECU in 3 steps to swap the original map with a "tuning-map" that simply uploads into the standard ECU via the diagnostic plug. By using the Rexer you don't have to mount a module which remains on the bike.

1) Connect
2) readout the original Map
3) Upload the tuning map - finished!

If you have the new RexXer, as of now you no longer need a new expensive ECU!

Just read the current mapping by connecting the RexXer with your diagnostic plug and reprogram the stock ECU by using a "tuning-map". To achieve optimal performance gains of the injection system a combination of aftermarket silencers with a performance air filter and a RexXer fuelling map is needed. Only with combining the above will you get the best results in torque and performance!

The RexXer also offers the following functions:

Diagnosis function
  • Reading and resetting error codes
Service functions
  • Reset Service alarm
  • CO trimming
  • TPS setup
  • Reset autoadaptive parameters

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